Caddx Dolphin Action Camera Test

After seeing my videos and the videos from Trevor's flights some of the guys I fly with have been intrested in putting a camera on their plane to capture flight footage. I love watching the videos of my flights. Even though it's the same location most of the time I'm just thrilled with the idea of flight!

One of the cameras I found recently is the Caddx Dolphin action camera. It's only about $40 so it was kind of an impulse purchase.

I have a propper mount on the way, but I wanted to get some basic footage to see if it's even worth messing with.


I used some 10lb rated velcro and just stuck it on the battery cover on the nose of the plane.


This velcro is very strong. I was able to lift the whole plane by holding it by the Caddx Dolphin.


I was hoping that the prop would spin fast enough that I wouldn’t really see the prop, but instead the prop covers the whole video.

TurboWing CYCLOPSE3 V3 720P

Here’s the usual camera that I have mounted on the Maule all the time.

Caddx Dolphin Mini Camera Starlight 1080P DVR HD

Here is the footage from the new Caddx. The prop covers a lot of the view but you can still see the resolution and the colors.

I was about to publish this, and was just not happy with this test footage so I moved the Caddx Dolphin Mini Camera to the wing and flew gain.


Caddx Dolphin Test 2

Turbowing Cyclops3 V3 Test 2 baseline footage

I like the Turbowing because it has full fpv + DVR for around $24! You sacrifice some color, and the resolution is 720p rather than 1080p. But at that price I can have dvr on all my planes.

The Caddx Dolphin dropped audio. It was clipped at the beginning, and by the end it dropped audio. That’s not a huge deal for a plane because the audio is offensive wind noise, but as a general action camera this would be a big deal breaker.

If I didn’t care about FPV feed to my video transmitter and just wanted nice footage from my flights I think the Caddx is a good cheap option. It claims to be water proof, and at $40 it won’t kill me if it were to be damaged.

What do you think?