Pastor Ron Hudson

Pastor Ron Hudson

Ron Hudson is the Lead Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Uniontown, Pa where he’s served for the last 12 years. He grew up as a missionary kid living in Japan. Ron’s goal in life is to help others realize the dream of their creator. He seeks to connect people to God through humor, compelling stories, too much coffee, and highly cultivated A.D.D.


From a young age I could see God had equipped me to be a communicator for Him. I've spent years honing my speaking craft. I've given over 1,200 talks, and I speak every week to very diverse audiences. I use humor, authenticity, and scriptural insite to move audiences to take their next step toward God. If you'd like to have me speak please email me: ron at Let me know the date and time, location, theme, and a contact number to work out the details. I can't wait to serve you and make your event a memorable life changing experience.


I've been a technology and analytics nerd my whole life. I started my own business fixing people's computers at 15, and spent years at UPS as an Truck loader, Supervisor, and Technology Specialist. I can fix any computer problem you have, help you decide what to buy and what is a waste of money. I can help you with organizational management stratigies, run workshops for your employees, and give you fresh honest perspective on whatever problem you are facing. If you'd like me to consult with you email me to set up a meeting ron at