Drinking coffee unworthily

Today we are partaking in communion as a church body. Pastor Joe is explaining why we do this, how we do this, and how to do it well.

Weve been preparing for this. For several weeks we have instructed the church family to clear up their accounts. Because to take the Lords Supper while harboring hate, unforgiveness, and willful sin is to partake unworthily.

Wednesday in youth group we had a lesson on communion. It was from our Orange curriculum. One of the questions from the lesson was “Why did Jesus choose bread?” There are plenty of answers we could argue about.

  • Passover imagery from the OT

  • Words about sin and leaven

  • Insert others here

The lesson however went with the practical answer. This was something they did every day. The remarkable thing about wine and bread was that it was unremarkable.

Jesus said as often as you do this do it in remembrance of me. So as often as you do this thing you probably do twice a day or more. Remember me.

In our youth small groups we challenged the students to come up with daily communion things to tie to remembering Jesus.

I choose coffee and tea which I drink prolifically! As often as I make tea or drink coffee I will try to pause and remember what Jesus has done to make the Kingdom available to me today.

Which means if I am having my own communion every time I drink coffee then I must not do it unworthily. And that shows the true bar of being a disciple of Jesus. Following Jesus is a lifestyle. It is a journey. Will you join me?

Comment below your own daily rituals that help you remember what Jesus has done and is doing in you.

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