Labor Day 2019 Flights!


Labor Day 2019 we decided to fly for a few hours in the morning. We met at 9am. Here’s the weather recap on site.

Labor Day Weather.png
As you can see there were lots of wind gusts. We had a cross wind that made landing somewhat difficult.

As you can see there were lots of wind gusts. We had a cross wind that made landing somewhat difficult.

I flew the E-Flite Maule M-7 three times. I flew completely FPV. I’m really happy with my current fpv setup, and haven’t changed anything since my last post. The cross wind made landing pretty tough for me. It pushed me around a good bit.

Flight Number 1

Flight Number 2

My second flight I had even more difficulty setting up a landing. I tried a couple different angles of approach, and finally had to just force it down because my battery was really low.

Flight Number 3

For the third flight, I put Trevor’s flight data recorder inside the Maule to see what was going on.

  • Max Speed 56 MPH

  • Total Distance 2.618 Miles

  • Max Altitude 1761’ above sea level

I think my third flight was the best I felt more comfortable with the flight time, and I Have a better feel for where I need to be to drop altitude and approach the landing strip.

Trevor, Eric, Matt, and Mitch all flew a verity of planes. Here’s my video’s of their flights.

Trevor & the E-Flite V-900

Trevor has had a rough start with the V-900. He bought it used for a great deal. It’s very fast, and he’s flying in a place that isn’t really great for faster planes. His first time out didn’t launch hard enough and broke a prop. This is his second day out and I was really happy to see a successful launch!

As you saw the landing wasn’t the greatest. The difficulty is that the prop is hitting the ground on the belly landing, and snapping off! I’m sure Trevor will figure it out. Here’s a post flight report.


All in all I think this is just the beginning of Trevor's adventure with the V-900. He's going to get used to it, and might just get addicted to the speed!

E-Flite F-15 Eagle Trevor Flight

Red Bull Edge 540 Trevor Flight

If you’ve never watched the 360 video we shot of Trevor’s maiden flight with the Red Bull Edge 540 you should watch that right now. Remember the video can rotate around using your mouse.

After watching the maiden you’ll realize the great skill Trevor has. He’s flown the Red Bull Edge 540 a bunch since that first flight, and it helps a lot that after the maiden he looked up the proper trim settings!

Bonus: Trevor Chasing Birds with the Radian. He had a camera onboard so I’m looking forward to seeing that footage!

Matt & E-Flite Turbo Timber

Matt is pretty new to flying. He organizes a lot of the local RC Road Vehicle races. You can find out about the local events at the FCRC-Fayette County Radio Control group on Facebook. I’m really glad to see Matt get into flying. He just got the E-Flite Turbo Timber and he’s flying it great already!

Eric Flew the Extra 300, and the Pitts, but I was flying while he was and missed those flights. All in all it was a fantastic day to fly. I always love flying with the local guys. I just wish Dave T, and Joe could have made it out with us!

PS. My Foam Glider Challenge plane is almost ready to fly. I believed I have sorted out the problems and should be ready to fly next Friday!