Icon A5 6:18min flight & Crash!

I got the kids on the bus this morning, then met Leigh for a budget meeting. Luckily I haven't spent as much as I thought I had on RC stuff! 😂

I know the wind is great before 9am. So I thought I'd get a quick flight in before starting on church stuff. Yesterday was a 14hour day with the funeral in the morning and evening youth group sandwiching a full day. I'm a bit tired, but the brisk 46degrees is waking me up!

I know I still have some issues with the Icon because I keep losing throttle control. It did it again several times today. It doesn't have anything to do with range because I did it close and far away.

My radio is also telling me when RSSI is low so I know range is reading correctly.

The other issue is tip-stalls. I had a lot more stalls today. It seemed even with some throttle on it easily stalled. I don't know if that's a function of the terrain/wind I'm flying around or if that's just an issue inherient to the Icon. Either way combining stall with loss of throttle is a recepie for disaster!

And that's what was on the menu this morning. . .

Here’s the RunCam Split footage:

Here’s the final seconds DVR from the goggles:

Here’s the autopsy report footage:

Here’s the autopsy report images:

I really should have figured out the throttle issue before I flew. I’m using the iRangex 4 in 1 module on my Taranis QX7 with the Spektrum AR636A that came with the Icon A5.

Possible issues:

  • iRangex + Spektrum AR636A + Failsafe on telemetry lost

    • The Radio says “Telemetry lost” when the throttle cuts. But I can tell in the goggles that I still have control of the control surfaces even when throttle cuts out. It could be that my model setup is expecting telemetry, and triggers failsafe when it loses it. There is no failsafe option on the multi module setup on the transmitter for this model. Maybe I need to set that up with the Spektrum receiver. At this point I really don’t trust that receiver with my radio.

  • Battery C rating?

    • It’s only 25C. I did a stress test running full throttle for some time and it didn’t brown out or have other issues. So I’m inclined to rule that out.

  • ESC Bec

    • The esc BEC is powering the receiver. Perhaps it browns out and resets the receiver. But then why would I have control of other surfaces?

  • Your thoughts? What am I missing?