Icon A5 8:02 Flight


Today I had a funeral in the morning that took most of the day. I got back to the office and had a conference call. My brain is mush and youth group is tonight. I just got some new floureon 3s 2200mah batteries for the Icon and I got the new prop yesterday.

The wind was between 5mph - 12mph. I felt it as the plane was shaking when I first took off. I flew without the plastic canopy and I think that introduced a good bit of drag.

The Runcam Split is on the nose now. As you can see it's pointing down which made for nice ground video, but disoriented fpv.


Take off was fine. I was really surprised how far I flew in a short amount of time. I’m thankful for the 200mw VTX. I only had a couple blips in my fpv feed, and that was only a line or two for about a second. I had trouble getting it low and slow enough to land. At one point I tip-stalled because I was turning too sharp at low throttle. Thankfully I was able to recover easily since I was flying FPV.

After the 8:02min flight I still had enough battery to keep flying. I can probably fly for 12 or even 15 min. I’ll have to track it here and find out on a calmer day.


landing was good the new landing gear is holding up fine. Steering was fine. I’m really happy to have this plane flying again!

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 4.10.23 PM.png

One more quick flight waiting on the van with the teens. My radio said “Telemetry Lost” and the throttle cut. So I need to figure out fail safe and stop it from doing that! Off to a tea party with our Church Kids!