The Story of Christmas Milk


When my first born son, Lukas, was about 4 I tried to introduce him to eggnog. He would have nothing to do with the thick yellow liquid apparently made from raw eggs. So I told him it was "Christmas Milk" a very special drink only available at Christmas time. I knew that this idea of a "Special Christmas Milk" would get his attention because milk was his favorite drink. He decided to give the "Christmas Milk" a try, and soon asked for more "Christmas Milk".

A couple years later, Jake was of the eggnog drinking age. I poured 3 glasses of my favorite eggnog. When I offered it to Jake he was not interested until Lukas piped up with the whole story of "Special Christmas Milk". I had honestly forgotten about "Christmas Milk". The story had lived on. The experience had lived on, and taken its own meaning in the heart of Lukas.

Someday Lukas will find out that not everybody calls eggnog "Christmas Milk" This will most likely be a surprise. To me "Eggnog" represents beautiful memories with my two boys. To others "Eggnog" might represent Griswold family drunken disfunction.

Our personal definition of who God is and what he does is often skewed. It is a combination of what we've been told and what we've experienced. It is really easy to write God off.

We make a judgements based on our limited perspective, and limited experience. If you have walked away from God for any reason, I invite you to give God another chance this Christmas. I believe you will discover a beautiful story your life was always meant to tell.


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