My Walk Of Shame / Restoration

I failed my son today. It is my responsibility to pack my son's lunch, and send it to school with him. I just got a txt from my wife. This morning I forgot to pack lunch. . . I kinda have that sickening feeling in my stomach right now. I hate failing the people I love the most.


My fear is that I won't be forgiven. Or that exposing my failure will disqualify me from leading. Notice it's not the failure I fear disqualifies me, but the disclosure.

I will go home to my 6 yr old son, bend down to his level and apologize. No excuses. Just an apology, and ask for forgiveness. I'll then ask how I can make it up to him.

If you're a leader or parent and you fail. Own it, and model the correct response. Demonstrate your resolve to do the right thing even if it means you have to eat crow.

If you don't you will solidify the betrayal.

Have you let someone down? How did you deal with it?

UPDATE: Lukas forgave me. I asked him how I can make it up to him, and he said he was hungry  So we made dinner together. 


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