River Flying in Carmichaels

The Squad! Timber-Trevor, Maule-Eric, Icon-Ron, UMX Timber-Matt, UMX Timber 2-Joe

The Squad! Timber-Trevor, Maule-Eric, Icon-Ron, UMX Timber-Matt, UMX Timber 2-Joe

I met up with the guys from Get A Hobby, and we went flying off the river in Carmichaels PA! Joe has a boat so he invited us down to fly. We had a really great time. The water was smooth and calm, and everybody had successful flights!

Eric’s First water flight with the E-Flite Maule M-7 Just like mine!

Trevor’s water flight with the E-Flight Timber Basic

Trevor & Eric attempting formations. Part 1

Trevor & Eric attempting formations. Part 2


And now for my flights. . . My first flight was really great. Takeoff and landing were fine. The Icon is not a fun plane to fly. It has been nothing but heartache for me. The pusher configuration makes it feel like I’m fighting for every inch to stay in the air. I was flying without any stabilization. I’ve removed the AS3X since it was destroyed in one of several crashes. Here’s the good flight and landing.

After my first successful flight I felt pretty good. I’m not happy with how it feels in the air, but it’s fun to fly off the water, and the big motor sound is fun. I put in a fresh battery, taped up the cowl, and thought I’d fly with Eric.

Take off is at the end of the clip

As you can see from my takeoff, I was in a playful mood. Anytime I relax and do things “Real Quick” and with a nonshelaunt attitude when it comes to RC flight it turns out bad. This is no exception. Eric and I were making low passes and nearly hit the tree in front of us. Then Eric nearly hit the tree behind us. I took my eyes off of my plane to watch Eric’s Maule M-7. Then I realized I was flying without safe! When I turned back to the Icon my brain seized up and couldn’t calculate my orientation. Usually we deal with this by making small adjustments with the transmitter, and watching the plane move. The brain translates these movements, and I regain orientation. The problem was I didn’t have time to regain orientation. I was heading straight for the trees! So I just pulled back! I missed the trees, but now I’m upside down and still didn’t have orientation in my brain. So I froze and just held it while I watched it do another loop, and hammer right into the water. It’s not the first time I’ve experienced this, and it probably won’t be the last, but it’s another reminder to slow down, and even though we’re having fun to take it seriously.


I’m not too bummed about the Icon Crashing. As you know I’ve wrecked this thing plenty of times. It’s par for the course. I can glue the nose back on and it will live to crash another day! Let’s finish up with some great video Trevor got from his E-Flite Timber Basic. I didn’t have the right adapter to hook up my fpv gear in my bag, but Trevor got some great video!