E-Flite Maule M-7 FPV Setup


I have been having an absolute blast with the E-Flite Maule M-7! This plane is so much fun! I've been flying it line of sight so I haven't had any pictures or video to post. That all changes now!

I finally decided to setup fpv on the Maule.

Here's the parts list:

This isn't my current version of mounting. I'm happy with the position of the camera.

Camera view is great. It will let me see horizon, and the ground as I’m flying.

Camera view is great. It will let me see horizon, and the ground as I’m flying.


This is my second flight with the camera. The first flight I unplugged the battery before pressing stop on the camera, and lost the entire flight video. I have to remember to press stop or it won’t save the video.

The test was to see how the DVR video looks, and if the angle will be good for flying fpv. I also wanted to test if fpv feed will cut out or have a lot of interference.

So I recorded both DVR on the camera, and DVR on the googles. Here is the DVR from the camera on the plane.

The camera DVR is great! It’s not as good as my runcam split, or a GoPro. However for ~$23 it records great 720p video. At that price I can permanently leave the camera on the plane, and not have to worry about putting it on and off. It responds to light changes fairly well. There is a bit of jello in the video, but hopefully that can be fixed by checking prop balance. Alternatively I may be able to add some soft mounts to absorb the vibrations.

Below is the DVR of the 5.8ghz feed from the AKK transmitter.

There are a couple points where the video feed cuts out more than I’m comfortable with especially at this distance. The cutout seems to happen when the plane is turning sharply away from me. In that position the battery would be between the antenna and my fpv receiver.

My plan is to move the fpv antenna to the top of the plane about halfway back. I’ll have to cut a hole in the top, but it will be worth it. I’m really excited to finally get to fly this thing in the goggles!