Servo Problems & Yet another crash


The Sonic AR 600mm wing finally came in! I’m excited to get my fpv gear integrated and try it!

After parent teacher conferences I thought I’d finally get to fly my rebuilt Icon. The new fuselage looks great. I made some improvements on my fpv rig. I have the new micro fpv antenna. And I cut out a section of the nose so the runcam split mounts level. Unfortunately when I was doing pre-flight check I noticed my rudder servo was grinding really bad. So I’ll Have to replace it before I fly the Icon.

Since I couldn’t fly the Icon and was really wanting to fly I decided to give the reglued foamvoard wing another try. At first my motor was api Ning in reverse so I had to swap the motor wires. Then the cg was nose heavy. So I moved the battery back as I could. It was still a bit nose heavy but I decided to send it anyway.

I launched at about half throttle. I think it should have been full throttle because it went up and then nosed right in the ground. . . RIP foam board wing. I hardly knew ye!