I Made This

I just finished building my second scratch built quadcopter! It took about 12 hours to build and configure. I loved every second. I loved getting the stuff from the postoffice, opening it up, taking inventory, making a plan to assemble. I loved figuring out what I should do first. I loved the serindipity of wires that were too short becoming a stylistic feature. I even enjoyed the few hours spent troubleshooting why the motors weren't spinning correctly.

I made this thing. I loved making it. It is mine! I'm so proud of the thing I made because I made it.

Your Father in heaven feels the same about you. He made you. He loved making you! He is proud of his design!

I took my "Maiden flight" with my newly built quadcopter Sunday morning before band practice. I excitedly coerced Chris(Sound Guy) to come outside so he could witness the awesome!

It flew magnificently! Chris even said "Wow!" And then it plumited to the ground from about forty feet in the air. Smoke began poring from the top of my brand new just built quadcopter!

When my creation malfunctioned I didn't hate what I had made. I was concerned it would be damaged further. I just wanted to rescue it from the fire. This is how God feels about me when my decisions cause damage in my life. God is disappointed, but He want's to rescue me.

God wants to rescue you because he made you.

Chris and I were able to get the battery that had caught fire off the quadcopter. There's some burn residue on the top plate of the frame. It will have a scar, but everything else looks good. I ordered new batteries, and we should be back in the air in just a few days! I'll fix it, because I made it!


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