Project Pink Eye - #NozbeHOW Template

Today is my day to get the kids off to school. When I woke up my youngest son he had goo in his eyes, and they were bloodshot. So he's not going to school. I got my oldest off to school and then took Jake to the eye doctor. He has pink eye. Those are parental freak out words! I know how this goes. I freak out, my wife freaks out, we stress out, and then fight.

"How could I let this happen?" "What kind of parent am I?" Those quickly turn to "How could you let this happen?" "What kind of parent are you?" Thankfully after 11 years of marriage my wife and I know how this all works.

So to avoid the stress fight and keep us calm and organized I made a Nozbe project and invited my wife and mother-in-law to the project. After spending several hours disinfecting I am now ready to share the project with the rest of the world.

If your kid is sick or has pink eye. This is a great start to help you calm down and take everything one task at a time.


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