Guest Post from Dad: Keeping Mileage Records

I was on the phone with my dad and he said he liked my "Puppet Master" story. He then told me this story. I asked if he would write it up as a guest post. Thanks dad!

I was having coffee with a friend in ministry and we were talking about record keeping and tracking mileage required for our tax records.

I shared how I track mine and what a pain it is. Sometimes I am good about writing it down and sometimes I just snap a picture of my odometer so I can write it down later when I get around to it.

We both lamented how much we dislike the tedious details required for keeping accurate usable records. He said how he wished we could just estimate and write something down that was close enough without any abuse or taking advantage.

That is when I had a clear thought of how to view this tedious detail we are required to do that we both look at with disdain. What if we looked at it as building a foundation?

It is the foundation we stand on that allows us to tell our story.

Sometime we only look at the story. Without having a strong foundation of handling our finances and taxes above reproach we will not have a chance to tell our story.

The story of how we are fallen sinful men and women wishing for a shortcut. There is no shortcut. There is only hard work. The hard work is paying the price for our sin. Christ paid the price so we may be redeemed.

The life that I live and the way I conduct myself is not so I can be redeemed but because I am redeemed.

It is the foundation I stand on that allows me to tell others that are living a fallen and broken life, the life changing good news of Jesus Christ. My passion for the story of Christ and desire to tell others is the motivation I need to do the tedious work of building a platform for ministry.

For me it is keeping records, a clean vehicle and an organized desk. What area of your foundation needs work? Use your passion of telling the story of grace and redemption to clean up and make your foundation strong.


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