Puppet master

There once was a puppet master. Night after night he would tell stories of knights and kings, fairies and frogs, wicked witches and clever children.

He sat behind a puppet stage and pulled the strings magically bringing his puppets to life. They would fight, dance, sing, live and even die at his beckoning.

One night a young man came to see his show. The young man was absolutely mesmerized by the puppets. Their stories made him consider his own life. How he should live and how he should love. He came back many times to see the puppet master's shows and each time he would be prompted to better himself to live more purposefully and love more passionately.

One night he stayed until everyone else had gone home. He wanted to meet the puppet master. The puppet master wasn't much to see. He was older and wrinkled, but there was a certain twinkle in his eye.

The young man got right to the point. My life is changed because of your art. I too want to be a puppet master.

The puppet master smiled and said "Not everyone can pull the strings". The young man assured the puppet master he was willing to do whatever it took to learn to make these puppets come to life like the master does.

The puppet master agreed and took on the young apprentice. His first job was cleaning the puppet stage. The first time the young man looked behind the curtain he was awed by all the complex strings and pulleys, tiny curtains, hooks and pockets for props and gimmicks.

Day after day the young man cleaned the puppet stage. Soon he learned the stories and assisted the puppet master handing him props and puppets. The puppet master began to teach the young man how to pull the strings. At first the movement of the puppets was jerky and unnatural. The young man would get frustrated because his puppets never looked like the masters, but this only fueled him to try harder.

The young man spent years honing his craft and focusing on pulling the strings. Until one day he realized he could make a Fairy dance, and a knight sing. He could make a dragon fierce and a prince brave.

He started to see that he could make a child happy, a mother cry, and inspire a father to protect and love his family.

One night after a show the young puppet master was feeling exhausted. The old puppet master had all but retired only coming to shows occasionally.

As the young puppet master cleaned the stage alone. He looked at all the little strings, the pulleys, pockets props, and tiny curtains. He saw no magic just work.

He realized he knew what every string did. He knew that half hadn't been used in years. He knew the props always broke and had been glued together over and over. He knew the puppets had no real life and that their expressions were only because he pulled the strings. He thought to himself "This isn't magic anymore."

He realized he had spent years of his life just cleaning the stage and pulling the strings. He started to feel like the "magic" he pursued was a lie.

And the people who believed the magic were suckers for being tricked into changing their lives by just watching some dead puppets manipulated by strings.

The more he thought about it the more angry he got. Finally he stormed off to see the old puppet master.

"Why didn't you tell me it was all fake?" "Why didn't you warn me not to waste my life?"

The puppet master with the same twinkle in his eye responded. "I did. Not everyone can pull the strings."