K-Cup: Kahlúa Original by Timothy's

Brewed Size: 9.55oz Tasted: Black

The box calls it a flavored light roast. I've never tried Kahlúa so I have no comment on how this compares.

The aroma was pleasant enough. The first taste was full bodied with notes of fruit cake. It felt like it was missing something. I'm guessing the alcohol?

The after taste was nutty and dry, but I'm used to an oily finish that you only get from a press pot.

I generally don't drink flavored coffee, and I'm not sure when this would be appropriate to drink. If you enjoy flavored coffee and fruitcake I suspect you may enjoy this.

It is drinkable.


K-Cup: Timothy's Decaffeinated Colombian

Timothy's Decaf Colombian Brew Size: 9.55 oz The aroma is mild and slightly sour. The initial taste promises full body but quickly falls short of the richness I've come to expect. The after taste leaves the pallet bitter. It tastes like truck stop coffee. I did not finish the cup. I don't drink decaf coffee. So I may be jaded. 

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